Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality

Priests, Deacons, Principals and DRE’s across the country agree, Feeding Your Family’s Soul is the right resource if you want to support your parents! Now in its 4th printing since September 2016!

Look Inside!

“As parents,” he said, “you are custodians with the duty and primary and indispensable right to educate children.” Parents thus help in a positive and constant manner the work of the school. – Pope Francis

“We gave each of our school families and staff a copy of this book in time for Catholic Schools Week. Citing that parents are the primary educators of their children, we are committed to partnering with them in their educational and faith goals. This gift is our way of demonstrating our commitment to them and thanking them for being part of our St. Michael's School family.” – Kathleen Mock, Principal, St. Michael's School, Poway, CA

Used by schools and Parishes across the country, this wonderful resource gives you the opportunity to offer families a doorway into sharing their faith together. Feeding Your Family’s Soul is a simple, fun, and effective way for parents to easily take the role as the primary catechists of their children. 

No extra study or certification needed, no need for parents to "remember your lessons" from long ago – simply open the book! Flexible enough to fit any family’s life – 10 minutes during a meal once a week will enable parents to take part in their children's faith formation!

NEW DVD! (Available Now)

“We purchased Feeding your Family's Soul for our home study families this year. The feedback has been really positive as they have encorporated it at meal time and find it enriching! Paraclete Press has affordable resources that allow us to support families in their mission to embrace the faith in partnership with the faith formation support from the parish.” – Stacey Ford, St. Michael's Church, Mount Airy, MD 

Feeding Your Family’s Soul, is a wonderful way to increase family-style catechesis with the parents and grandparents! At our parish, we cooked Taco Soup for the Advent Parent Gathering. We used this simple meal to bring the parents together and practice from the book as if we were one family.” — Chrislyn Villena, Religious Education Ministries, St. Joseph Church, Hilo, HI

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