Holy Spirit 101

17 words into the Bible, the Spirit of God hovers over a murky chaos. 113 words from the end of the Bible, the Spirit invites everyone who is thirsty to drink for free. At the start and finish of the Bible—Genesis 1:2 and Revelation 22:17—the Spirit is there, bringing order to chaos and satisfaction to people with parched throats. From beginning to end, the Spirit is active, yet we know so little about the Spirit of God. 

Not any more! Holy Spirit 101 gives you the opportunity to search the world of the Spirit with the guidance of an internationally renowned author. Through Holy Spirit 101, you will learn to expect the unexpected of the Spirit, to prepare for the unprecedented, and, just as important, to discover the unlikely presence of the Spirit where you may least expect it—in the grit and grime of everyday life.

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Praise for Fresh Air:

“A rare and remarkable achievement.” —Eugene Peterson

“Jack Levison’s book is the most biblical, wide-ranging, innovative, and refreshing book on the Holy Spirit in years. The Spirit is here de-programmed and set loose. You may be surprised in every chapter: I know I was.” —Scot McKnight 

“Fresh Air offers careful examination of the Holy Spirit, all tangled up with a wide wonder.” —Nichole Nordeman 

“If there is such a thing as poignant Christian midrash, this surely is it.” —Phyllis Tickle 

“People told me Jack Levison was a great teacher, and when I read this book I realized why. His excitement is infectious; he tells a great story; he sets little-known biblical passages on fire and drills down to unimagined depths in well-known ones. His account of the holy spirit—and what the spirit can do for whole churches, not just individuals!—is mature, seasoned, challenging, and wise.” —N. T. Wright

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