Are you part of an aging congregation or parish?  

  Are you struggling to face the reality of your own impending death, or that of a loved one?  

  Do you wish you could integrate your faith into end-of-life issues in a concrete way?

This book is for you! An invaluable resource for pastors, deacons, parish nurses, hospice workers and volunteers, funeral home directors and anyone and everyone who dealing with end-of-life issues. Thought-provoking questions about what has meaning in your life, and meditations to help you to realize your spiritual needs will take the reader on a deeply transformative journey. Perfect for families, individuals and small groups, anyone who works through this book will discover the sacredness of this journey in a way that will be lifechanging.  

Embrace the Spiritual Process for Preparing for the End of Life! The passage from this world to the next takes the body and the soul on the greatest journey of transformation we are ever called to make. Sacred Dying Journal is a guide for individuals and communities on how to do this important work. Author Megory Anderson has been working with, and listening to people on this journey for many years. This book is the culmination of what she has learned about integrating spiritual and religious practices into the dying experience in a way that is transformative for the individual going through the process of life’s end and their loved ones.  

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