“Utterly magnificent. . .it’s better to starve to this music than to live without it.”—USA Today

Vespers & Compline  

Retail: $16.95 Product #: S826 ISBN: 978-1-557-25110-7 UPC:709887082627 

Gregorian Chant Rediscovered  

Retail: $16.95 Product #: S835 ISBN: 978-1-557-25136-7 UPC: 709887083525

Gregorian Anthology

Retail: $16.95 Product #: S838 ISBN: 978-1-557-25201-2 UPC: 709887083822

Gregorian Sampler

Retail: $16.95 Product #: 8291 ISBN: 978-1-557-25117-6 UPC: 709887082924

“The most famous and 'authentic' recordings of Gregorian Chant for generations have been those made by the Solesmes monks.” —The Boston Globe

Learning About Gregorian Chant

Retail: $16.95 Product #: S843 ISBN: 978-1-557-25292-0 UPC: 709887084324 

“Supremely Ethereal” —USA Today

“Setting the standard for Gregorian performance.” —American Record Guide

The Best of the Monks of Solesmes 

2-Disk Gift Set includes Gregorian Melodies Vol I Gregorian Melodies Vol II  

Retail: $25.95 Product Number: 7879 ISBN: 978-1-612-61787-9 UPC: 709887078729 

Gregorian Melodies Vol. I

Retail: $16.95 Product Number: S844 ISBN: 978-1-557-25293-7 UPC: 709887084423

Gregorian Melodies Vol. II

Retail: $16.95 Product Number: S845 ISBN: 978-1-557-25338-5 UPC: 709887084522

Chants for Passiontide 

3-CD Set includes: Maundy Thursday Christ in Gethsemane Tenebrae of Good Friday 

Retail: $38.99 Product Number: 9552 ISBN: 978-1-612-61955-2

Easter with Solesmes!

2-CD Set includes: Easter Eastertide 

Retail: $28.99 Product Number: 19514 ISBN: 978-1-612-61951-4

Discovering Gregorian Chant

2-CD Set includes: Learning About Gregorian Chant Gregorian Chant Rediscovered 

Retail: $28.99 Product Number:19521 ISBN: 978-1-612-61952-1

Solesmes Anthology & Sampler

2-CD Set includes: Gregorian Anthology Gregorian Sampler 

Retail: $28.99 Product Number: 9545 ISBN: 978-1-612-61954-5

Christmas with Solesmes

2-CD Set includes: Christmas Christmas: The Night Office 

Retail: $28.99 Product Number: 19538 ISBN: 978-1-612-61953-8

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