This is the story of a stray born on the Via della Conciliazione in Rome, how she’s adopted by the Pope, and then “rules” the Vatican from museum to floorboard! First in a new series.  

No one has a closer view of what’s happening in the world’s tiniest nation, Vatican City, than Margaret, the Pope’s new cat. But she wasn’t always Margaret, and she wasn’t always the Pope’s cat. She started out as a stray on the streets of Rome, and there are those in the Vatican who wish she’d never been allowed inside.

Praise for The Pope’s Cat

“DeLeon’s delightful illustrations bring a sense of place to this charming story of the Pope befriending a stray cat. With superb craft and attention to detail, these heartwarming visuals will no doubt lure young readers to discover for themselves where this unique friendship will lead.” —Richard Sheppard, correspondent for Urban Sketchers, and author/illustrator of Impressions of Wine Country 

“As a self-professed gelateria Catholic, fascinated by Rome, the papacy, and cats, I cannot wait to read this story to our children and the cats we have at home.” —Massimo Faggioli, Professor of Historical Theology, Villanova University

The Pope’s Cat is a heartwarming tale, which gives the papacy a human touch, along with a taste of life in Rome. Jon Sweeney has done an excellent job in opening up the world of the Vatican to youngsters, while cat lovers will be charmed by this story. I read it to my two children and they both loved it!” —Christopher Lamb, Vatican correspondent for The Tablet (UK)  

The Pope’s Cat is the kind of book I would have demanded my parents read to me over and over again. . . Margaret the cat steps inside a world few outside of it ever get to even glimpse and sees it from a unique vantage point in a similar fashion to how Corduroy experiences the department store when he goes searching for a button or Claudia and Jamie Kincaid discover fascinating worlds inside the Museum of Natural History. The book contains its own hidden gems that readers (young and old) will find along the way. . . It is an uncommon and uncommonly good book for children of all ages—a perfect gift for Christmas and Easter this year and for many to come.” — Cathleen Falsani, religion journalist; author of The God Factor and Sin Boldly 

“Young readers and the young at heart will surely fall in love with Margaret, the spirit-filled pet at the heart of The Pope’s Cat! Accompanied by fanciful illustrations from Roy Deleon, Jon Sweeney’s first book for children invites us to peek inside the Vatican and discover a Pope who loves sugar cookies and early morning walks and adorable cats just like the rest of us. I can’t wait for more Margaret the cat and her adventures in Rome!” —Lisa M. Hendey, founder of and author of the Chime Travelers series  

“Margaret brings joy and quiet companionship into the Pope’s life in this sweet tale of friendship that left me hungry—not only for gelato and spaghetti alle vongole—but for more stories about this dear pair.” —Jennifer Grant, award-winning author of Maybe God Is Like That Too